Catchwind - Mobile Marketing Made Easy

Catchwind is a broadcast text messaging company located in the technology hub known as Des Moines, Iowa.  Well, maybe "technology hub" isn't the first thought that crosses your mind when you hear Iowa.  Nonetheless, it's a great place to call home, and we have been providing mobile marketing solutions to organizations across the United States since 2005, which makes us veterans in the market.

We made our entry into the market through the bar and night club industry, home to some of the most aggressive marketers you'll ever meet.  Their penchant as early adopters of technology provided fertile ground for us to build one of the most feature-rich mobile marketing platforms in the business.

It didn't take long to see that mobile had powerful applications for other industries as well. Today, we serve clients in a wide variety of industries such as food and beverage, health care, quick service restaurants (QSRs), agriculture, franchises, gaming, financial services, higher education, convenience stores, media, political and issues campaigns, state lotteries, community organizations, sports marketing and advertising/digital agencies. 

The list continues to grow as mobile marketing expands its reach and texting expands to every demographic from teens and tweens to business people and grandparents.

We sell direct and support white-label resellers who add value with creative services and strategic execution.  Give us a call today and launch your mobile campaign tomorrow.