Catchwind Customer Support

We have the following support options to best serve you. If you have a technical question, please send an email to If this is an after-hours emergency, please see Catchwind Welcome Kit for detailed information or call our toll free number at 866-440-1313 and dial extension 110.

Frequently Asked Questions
(for consumers)

How much does this cost?
Catchwind does not charge you, the end-consumer, anything to receive a message. However, depending on your specific wireless carrier and pricing plan/package, you may be charged a standard rate for SMS messages sent and received. The average price for sending and receiving SMS text messages ranges anywhere from free to 20 cents. Please contact your wireless carrier for exact charges and information.

Please note that as of the date of this notice, Catchwind does not support/run Premium Rate Campaigns. If your cell phone bill has charges that you do not recognize, Catchwind is not responsible for those charges. We are happy to help you identify the offending short code, but it is not from Catchwind and we cannot help you get a refund.

Opting-Into a List (joining)
You can join a list at any time by sending a text message to the short code for the campaign. This typically includes a short code (5- or 6-digit number) and a keyword (a message). Each campaign will have a unique short code and keyword.

Opting-Out of a List (unsubscribe)
We take great care to ensure that messages are only received if a person opts-in, or asks for them. From time to time, an error may occur. If you are currently receiving messages from a Catchwind client or Short Code (5-Digit Number), please see the notes below or call us directly.

You can stop all Catchwind alerts at any time by sending 'stop all' to the short code for which you are receiving alerts.

We are compliant with all U.S. Carriers; each message you recieve from a Catchwind client will have instructions for opting out. For example, "reply 'stop' to quit" will appear at the end of the message.

Catchwind Unsubscribe Toll-Free Number
Call us at 866-681-2388 to leave a message with your mobile number and the nature of alert you received (company, context of message, etc).  You will be removed from any and all lists you ask to be removed from.