Terms and Conditions

Catchwind provides the ability for mobile phone/service customers to join promotional lists by various opt in opportunities. This service does not require you to pay a subscription fee at any time. The only charges you'll have are standard messages charges. Please contact your carrier to ask about messaging charges for your specific plan.

To opt-in or subscribe to our service, you can register from our customer's website, or text in the keyword to the short code provided in the call-to-action.

To get information about a service, you can send a text message of HELP to the short code from your mobile phone.

To opt-out from a service, you can send a text message of STOP to the short code from your mobile phone and you will be unsubscribed automatically and immediately. You will not receive any additional messages from the service with the exception of the message which confirms you have been removed from the list. Additional words to opt-out include: quit, bye, cancel, unsub, unsubscribe and stop all.

To get help, email us at support@catchwind.com, or call our toll free number at 866.440.1313.

Supported carriers:
ACS Wireless
AT&T (Cingular)
Bluegrass Cellular
Cellular One (IL)/ECIT
Cellular South
Cincinnati Bell
Cox Wireless
East Kentucky Network
GCI Communications
Immix Wireless
Inland Cellular
Nex-Tech Wireless
Thumb Cellular
US Cellular
West Central Cellular