Custom Applications and Integration (API)

While our platform can do a lot of sweet stuff straight out-of-the-box, it can't solve every problem.  As good as it is, there are always clients that need things just a certain way.  That's where our API comes into play.  You can create unique services and applications quickly and easily.

Hello Marketers:
Although we're impressed you are actually reading this page, we've found that you typically have no clue what "API" stands for, but be assured it is something you should expect in a messaging partner.  It equates to programming goodness, and literally stands for Application Programming Interface. In English, it means that your programmer(s) can create services and software on your server that talk to services and software on our server.

Want to allow women to schedule SMS reminders for breast exams through your web site?  We can do that.  In fact, we did that.  Developers from the National Breast Cancer Foundation were able to offer text message reminders by integrating our API into their website development.

This is important stuff, make sure you work with a vendor who offers a solid API.
  Hello Developers:
The Catchwind API goes beyond providing a simple "send message" and "receive message" API that our competitors offer. We've taken the most popular features of our platform and made them available to you.  Let us manage the hard parts -- keyword management, multi-threaded message broadcasting, list and group management, sending scheduled messages -- and you focus on creating a world-class website or app.

And don't worry that you have to be a programming genius.  The Catchwind API uses GET or POST calls across HTTP/HTTPS, with responses returned in delimited text, XML or JSON.

When necessary, authentication is performed with an account username and password assigned in the web-based platform.  Your calls can be performed via a simple URL string or by sending valid XML to our web service.