Our Technology

Technology is at our core. We are not reselling another platform or re-positioning old technology as our own. Our platform was built from the ground up with marketers in mind.

True SMPP Technology - Not SMTP (email)

We only send and receive true SMS text messages, not SMTP/email messages. This allows for true two-way communication and short code texting. If you don't understand the difference, believe us when we tell you that you want to avoid mobile marketing companies that use SMTP even part of the time. You can generally identify these companies by their pricing. They may offer message plans starting at $.03/msg and lower, but SMTP robs you and your members of the ability to have a true two-way communication, including the ability to opt-out.

Robust and Organic Platform

The Catchwind platform was originally built for some of the most aggressive marketers in business - bar and night club owners. Before long, it was evident that these loyalty marketing tools could be applied to a variety of other industries, and we created a best-in-class platform offering.  Read more about our platform here.

Hosted in the Clouds

Our platform runs on a cloud hosting environment. This is more than just a buzz word; this is true scalability. This is reality TV show voting scalability, national political campaign scalability, huge customer database scalability and more.  Of course, we still serve the local restaurants with 100 members just as well.

API Integration

The Catchwind API goes beyond a simple send + receive API.  We've taken the most popular features of our platform and made them available to you. When combined with a dedicated short code you can create your own white label stand-alone application in no time at all.  Read more about our API here.

Short Code Application Process

We are  experienced in acquiring short codes in the United States and Canada.  Catchwind customers benefit from that experience by getting their short codes to market sooner. We know the carrier requirements and how to apply for your short code in a way that optimizes flexibility and use for you in the future.

Short Code Management

The Catchwind platform manages many dedicated short codes for us and our white-label Mobile PLUS clients.  We provide control over several high-level functions you'd expect when managing your own short code:  Keyword reservation, platform management, incoming and outgoing message streams and more.  We will also manage the ongoing audits from the carriers to keep your short code in compliance.