Our Mobile Marketing Platform: Versatile, Robust, Organic and Tie-Your-Shoes Easy to Use

"What makes your platform better than the others?" That's a question we get all the time. The answer is and always has been the same: ease of use and unparalleled feature set.

Our SMS platform gives you control over every aspect of the message flow, timing and logic of your campaign without getting complicated. Campaign administration is performed and monitored through a web-based interface, and it is tie-your-shoes easy to manage.  We are so confident that you'll have no trouble using the technology that we include unlimited technical support with our service.

So what about the features? Here is a list of a few things we can do right out-of-the-box:
  • Create double and single opt-in lists
  • Create a microsite to capture web-based opt-ins
  • Broadcast a message to one list or multiple lists at one time
  • Manage unlimited keywords and message flows for lists
  • Create alias keywords for lists
  • Create groups to organize lists
  • Create unlimited users for a platform and optionally assign them to groups
  • A/B offer testing
  • Merge lists
  • Automate live contests (like a radio call-in) and delayed contests (like a raffle)
  • Capture single replies during a broadcast or opt-in
  • Distribute unique coupon codes (unique at a per-phone number level or message-wide level)
  • Push text to a promotional/public screen
  • Push messages to and read messages from Twitter
  • Delay a broadcast message based on a user's interaction
  • Interface messages with 3rd party databases
  • Filter offensive language
  • Manage a message library for franchises
  • Manage message forwarding for lead generation
  • Create multi-step surveys with intelligent routing based on answers
  • Create large-scale scavenger hunts
  • Tally votes and display results in real time