Coupon Distribution & Redemption

Let's clarify something before we tell you all about our coupon distribution feature.  This message is not a coupon:
Stop in 2nite & show this message for $2 off your order!

It's an offer.  It's the same for everyone and can be spread virally.  Offers get outstanding redemption and are a powerful way to build a loyalty list.  They are difficult to track, however, and it's next to impossible to stop multiple redemptions.

This is a coupon:
Stop in 2nite & show this code - up23ag - for $2 off your order, exp 1/12
Notice the trackable code?  This is a coupon, too:
Click the URL & show code for $2 off your order: , exp 1/12
Notice the trackable URL imbedded in the text message, the URL can link to just about anything, including a barcode or QR Code.

Limit redemption or reward viral influencers

With the ability to distribute a unique code at a per-phone number level you can do more than just track overall redemption rates.  On one side of the coin, you can limit redemptions and prohibit coupon sharing.  On the other side, by allowing viral and organic distribution of your code you can identify influencers within your opt-in list and offer customers who are not opt'd in the opportunity to do so.

Track redemption with our API

Catchwind can distribute unique codes and URLs to each member of a text list as well as during an opt-in process.  Once a code has been distributed, a retailer with basic internet access can redeem codes using our API from any internet-enabled device, such as a POS, an iPad, or even a phone.  Catchwind will report the phone number that should match that code, and how many redemption attempts were made for that code.  You can limit a coupon code to a single redemption or identify and reward influencers by tracking how many times that particular customer forwarded the coupon code to others.

The API integration is a piece of cake.  Catchwind will work with your developers to ensure perfect execution.

Offer valid for a limited time!

Our coupon distribution feature can set an expiration date based on the date of distribution.  So if you want to drive traffic within 3 days of distribution, the message will append an expiration date that is 3 days from when it is sent to your customer.  Each customer will be given an expiration date based on when they reacted to your call to action!

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