Your Next Best Customer Just Walked Out the Door.

In a world of infinite options and restricted resources, the best way to increase your sales is to establish and capitalize on customer loyalty. You cannot afford to let your customers think of you as merely credible, you need to be inevitable.  Mobile is today’s fastest-growing method of communication and the best way to deliver your message to your most loyal customers to ensure that they keep choosing you over the competition.

Running sales; offering specials - you know how to do that. The challenge is how to deliver that message to your customers and ultimately deliver THEM to YOU. Text your next marketing offer, or better yet, create one exclusively for mobile using Catchwind’s SMS platform and capitalize on customer loyalty. No one is beyond your reach because your customers’ mobile phones are constantly within their reach.

Catchwind’s platform helps you build loyalty with a set of broadcast text tools that is unparalleled in the mobile marketplace. Add a twist to your text campaign by unleashing the power of mobile couponing. For more than a century the coupon has been an integral part of the loyalty toolkit, but with Catchwind SMS couponing, you cut out the scissors and paper. With more advanced features, flexibility and functionality, Catchwind's mobile coupons blow away the competition.

Beyond coded coupons, your Catchwind mobile loyalty toolkit allows you to hold contests, compare offers with our special A/B testing functionality and conduct customer surveys.

The immediate response of mobile means you can track users and activity, and reward your most loyal customers. With our API, you also can link Catchwind features to point-of-sale systems or CRM software for heightened measurability.