Missed Appointments Hurt Your Bottom Line

Catchwind’s Remind-On-Time platform is a cure for the common no-show. The biggest headache, and one of the biggest expenses, for medical practices is a gap-plagued schedule. And as any appointment-dependent business manager knows, this isn’t just a problem in medical or dental offices. Automotive services, day spas, tanning and beauty salons  all rely on customers showing up for their appointments and sessions.

Remind-On-Time is an intuitive, web-based service that keeps your customers on schedule and keeps your business or practice operating smoothly. Your clients will appreciate a reminder that is timely, un-intrusive, to-the-point and doesn’t require any action from them. For you, the Remind-On-Time return on investment is incredibly high and nearly immediate. Just one less no-show and the service pays for itself.

With Catchwind’s Remind-On-Time, the appointment scheduler simply enters the client's mobile number, selects the appointment time, chooses how far in advance to notify the individual, and sends the reminder to the database. Click. Done. Such a simple reminder and such a powerful tool.

No matter what kind of body work you do at your business - automotive, medical, dental, day spa, salon - use
Catchwind's Remind-On-Time technology to get everybody through your door at their designated times. Sign up today at www.remindontime.com.