Survey & Polling

Everyone says they can do it, but doing it well is another matter.  A survey is more than just a series of SMS questions and the ability to capture a customer's or member's response.  Catchwind's survey and polling tools are intelligent.  And they play well with others, which means any customer information can be passed to your CRM software.

If you are looking to get creative, our survey and polling tools can manage fun, engaging promotions such as scavenger hunts.  As an example, if you wanted to create a scavenger hunt for a local jeweler, you could do that.  With the promise of a diamond ring at the end, you can entice hundreds and maybe thousands of eager hunters to dash around town.

Our survey tool can accept text replies with open-ended responses (Q: what did you think of today's service?), fixed responses (Q: what did you think of today's service? a. great;  b. bad) and forced demographic and qualification responses such as age verification, zip code, email address, and more (Q: reply with your zip code).

Catchwind surveys can automatically route customers to the appropriate next question based on their responses.  Here's an example of what we can help you do:

Q: How was your service today? a) great b) just ok c) bad

A: "a" or "great"

Next Q: Glad to hear it! Would you like to join our loyalty list for future offers and updates? Reply 'y' to join.
      A: "b" or "just ok" or "ok"

Next Q: Looks like we have work to do next time. Show this code, qn403m, to save 15% on your next purchase, exp 1/12
      A: "c" or "bad"

Next Q: We're very sorry to hear that. May we contact you to learn more? Reply 'y' to be called or reply w/ a text of what was bad

Each of these different outcomes can be coupled with additional features in the Catchwind system: loyalty marketing via an opt-in,  coupon distribution, and lead generation via message forwarding.  This simple example only begins to illustrate the possibilities; Catchwind's  surveys can have unlimited questions and unlimited answers.


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