Direct Marketing on a Very Personal Level

Catchwind’s mobile platform isn’t a roll of the dice; it’s a proven and effective tool for gaming operators to build customer lists, drive traffic, boost loyalty and support the bottom line.

The SMS channel presents a new way to reach player card members as well as non-gamers. Capable of personal, direct, immediate and viral two-way communication, it's the perfect way to get the word out about tonight's show or coming attractions. Once people are on site, engage them with Catchwind's special Concierge Service, coded trackable coupons or contest feature. And don't forget about the powerful survey tool for trivia, scavenger hunts or customer satisfaction surveys. The Catchwind platform is scalable for multi-location use with centralized control or distributed execution at the property level.

In addition to being part of a national pilot with Harrah's, Catchwind has worked with several regional casinos on mobile programs. Redemption rates on offers are typically well into double digits. In a way, adding SMS into your casino budget is like betting on a sure thing.