Add Mobile to Your Mix

Catchwind's unique features are perfect for radio, television, print and online media. We work with clients in all of the above as they connect with and engage their readers, viewers, listeners and advertisers. Media clients can use the platform to send out breaking news alerts, sports scores, weather announcements and school closings. Features such as twitter integration, surveys, contests and dynamic data integration add to the potential for meaningful two-way interaction and action.

Media clients, whether they're on a shared short code or have their own dedicated code maintained by Catchwind, can also resell the platform to their advertisers. In addition, to helping media outlets launch SMS campaigns and programs, Catchwind is experienced in the acquisition of dedicated short codes in the U.S. and Canada.

Premium Rate Messaging

Catchwind also helps media outlets and their clients launch premium-rate SMS programs in which the end-user or customer pays a fee for receiving a message or group of messages. Premium-rate programs may only be conducted on designated, pre-approved short codes. Catchwind's proven experience and knowledge in this area is an advantage to launching and managing premium-rate message campaigns.